Doula Services

Henna tree of life design on a woman's pregnant bellyIn many ancient societies birthing women were supported by elder females who had experience with childbearing.  These females were likely family and friends who were called upon to share their knowledge from personal experience.  These women supported birthing mothers and their family as they transitioned their baby into the world.

In our modern lives where many women are distanced from family and possibly friends there are birthing mothers who desire support through childbirth.

The word doula is derived from ancient Greek.  It is used to describe a female that has childbearing experience and offers support to a woman before, during and after childbirth.

A woman that is preparing for birth has a natural inclination to be in her power.  A woman has innate wisdom regarding what she, her baby and family need most as long as there is nothing to hinder the process.

A doula supports the woman as she embraces her innate wisdom.  The mother to be has the freedom to design the type of birth experience desired.  The birth transition can then blossom naturally in whatever setting is desired or needed.

A doula typically offers emotional and physical support to the birthing woman as well as her partner and family.

I gave birth to my first child in 1991. I have personal birth experiences that include natural birth in hospital, with a midwife in a birthing centre, traditional midwife assisted homebirth and unassisted homebirths.

Support is offered to childbearing women. I believe it is important for women to know they have choices when it comes to their personal birth experience.  For the well-being of the mother, baby and family the woman’s voice is best when heard.

Women have the innate wisdom to know what is best for their well-being.  Our modern lives have some women feeling less  connected to that wisdom.  However, it is there waiting to be awakened and embraced.

Childbirth is not an illness.  It is not meant to be surrounded with fear.  Ultimately it is a rite of passage into Motherhood when a woman embraces herself fully.  ~Lisa Marshall mother, grandmother, wellness- healing arts practitioner

Typical doula services provided:

  • help woman to advocate for herself
  • natural wellness, nutrition, herbal support
  • emotional support
  • presence during birthing process
  • referrals, references as needed
  • light cleaning after birth
  • healthy snack/meal preparation
  • errands
  • breastfeeding support
  • conversations over tea

Prenatal, birth and postpartum doula services are offered at this time in Windsor-Essex, Ontario and surrounding areas.

Fees are discussed upon each woman’s personal situation.

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Lisa lives from the heart.  Her passion is staying connected to  nature & living simply.  Beneath her calm quiet manner is a wealth of  experience gained from living with & honoring different cultures.~ Linda H. mother, grandmother, educator

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