Once you know the plants of a place, you shall know its people ~ Lisa Marshall, natural wellness, nutrition & healing arts practitioner

As a child I had an interest in nature and living in harmony with natural ways.  My summers were often spent at forestry or conservation camps in some of the most remote areas of the Appalachian Mountains.

As an adult that interest grew to include natural living, wellness, herbs and healing with nature. I have more than twenty years experience combined in mental health, counseling, holistic-alternative health modalities, herbal healing, various nutritional approaches, natural birth and parenting.

I took part in an apprenticeship with a naturopath and a Traditional Chinese Practitioner in Hawai’i, USA.  Traveling and connecting with indigenous ways of healing-living has been an optimal part of my life.

After studying ecopsychology and having spent over 25,000 hours researching/studying in many related fields my passion for learning continues.

I have a preference for traditional, intuitive, nature centered healing arts.  I also recognize a need for balance. 

To help bring balance into my practice I have chosen to become certified in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.  As a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner I intend to integrate traditional, natural ways of wellness with modern tests as needed.  This can allow the root causes of health issues to be more clear. It also comforts those who prefer to use this approach.

I share the knowledge of natural wellness, nutrition and healing arts  through personal sessions, public speaking and writing.

I have a special interest in traditional wisdom, food-environmental allergies, autoimmune issues, gut-brain function, mental health-behaviour related to nutrition, healthy relationships, women and children issues.  

Over the years my interest in nutrition has brought me to various paths including, but not limited to low fat-no fat, veganism, raw food living, organic whole foods, vegetarianism, gluten free, grain free and traditional real foods.

I support natural birth and have personal birth experiences that include natural birth in hospital, with a midwife in  birthing centre, traditional midwife assisted homebirth and unassisted homebirths.

I currently live with my two youngest children in Canada and enjoy spending time in nature, camping, hiking, reading, writing, art, dancing, music, researching and traveling.

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